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Dark Chocolate Protein Crunch Trio

High Protein Dark Chocolate 1KG
Delight in Our Wholesome Trio: High Protein Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Plus Salted and Multigrain Rice Cakes Combo

Indulge in the luscious richness of High Protein Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter (1KG), a delightful blend of natural and chocolatey flavors, now packed with added whey protein. It's a powerhouse of high-quality protein, perfect for boosting your daily nutrition and snacking cravings.

Complement it with our versatile 2-pack of Rice Cakes, offering both Salted and Multigrain options. These crunchy delights are a savory treat for your taste buds, making for guilt-free snacking any time of the day.

Experience the convenience and taste of this high-protein, wholesome combo. Whether you're spreading it on rice cakes or enjoying it straight from the spoon, this trio is tailored to meet your dietary preferences and snack cravings.