Pintola SESAME (Til) Chikki, 100% Natural (Pack of 24) | NO White Sugar | Only Natural Jaggery and Sesame seeds | Sesame Bar | NO Preservatives

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  Premium Quality Sesame Seeds100% Natural IngredientSource Of Instant Energy

The superfood for super hunger, Pintola Sesame Chikki, is packed with the goodness of sesame seeds and the pure power of jaggery! The rich combination of fibrous sesame seeds and iron-rich jaggery makes it a great snacking option for all ages. The new-age twist of chikki with age-old love is much-needed to boost iron and maintain healthy hemoglobin levels. 


  • High Fibre
  • Lowers Cholesterol and Triglycerides 
  • Source of plant protein 
  • Improves bone health 
  • Active anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Rich source of vitamins